WWE’s heartbreaking tribute to Connor The Crusher

by on 18/05/2014

It’s now been a week since this video was published on YouTube. It has now amassed over 2 million views, or at least that’s the video I saw. It’s been re-uploaded by many parties, and this version that I have posted here was published by an account named “WWE GC” – it’s the only video from the user, and comments are disabled. I don’t know if the company did it this way themselves, or if they didn’t even try to upload it, but it slipped out. I’m guessing the first. It seems to be accepted in the online community that WWE didn’t want to take too much credit from it or make it seem like a publicity stunt for them. They just wanted the video to be seen and Connor’s breathtaking story to be told.

The video follows a young, terminally ill boy named Connor Michalek and his Dad, as they embark on a journey to Wrestlemania. In an attempt to give Connor something to fight for, and something to hang on to, WWE put together this series of meet-and-greets and adventures. He did battle long enough to go to the biggest show of the year and see his favourite superstar Daniel Bryan become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was a dream come true for Connor. In the words of his father: “I truly believe that the whole experience extended Connor’s time with me. There is no greater gift that I could get, and no way I could ever re-pay them for that. As a father, that’s all I can ask for – is more time” The little boy gets to meet all of his favourite heroes, make Daniel Bryan tap out and even knock Triple H out in the middle of the ring. He did all this, before he tragically died.

This video is both heart-warming and soul-destroying at the same time, and just another example of the way in which the art of pro-wrestling can enchant and inspire a child. Anybody who thinks that their kids shouldn’t be watching WWE television, take a look at this video and see if it might change your mind.

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