Zombie Training Day In Hyde Park – Sunday 8th August

by on 16/08/2013

Looking to get out and about this weekend but want to do something a bit different? Then why not head down to Hyde Park this Sunday and partake in some zombie training. The event will include a number of activities including talks from make-up artists and acting coaches to teach you how to be a convincing zombie and fitness and survival experts to teach you how to avoid and hide from the walking/running dead.



This is actually a lead-up to a much bigger event, The Zombie Evacuation Race, which is taking place at a number of  locations in the UK throughout October. It’s a 5k run, where participants can choose to either run from zombies or be them and chase the runners. Sounds like a great way to make fitness fun, especially for us geeks. There are limited places but a few charities, including Warchild and Sparks, have guaranteed places for people who will run for their cause.


Zombie Evacuation Race Locations

For more details on both the training day and the race itself, then go here.