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10 Geeky Cocktails to give you health, mana and stamina.

It’s Tuesday today and I hate Tuesdays, both the last and next weekend are so far away, so in great anticipation I’ve put together a list of some of the yummiest and geekiest looking cocktails to give you another reason to look forward to the weekend.

Like the Look of them? then click the link for the ingrediants

Ocarina Of Lime: The Legend Of Zelda


Because who doesn’t love a good pun.

Sonic The Hedgehog Shot


After a certain amount probably makes you go faster (for a while).

Fat Man: Fallout


A cocktail for when your head feels like a wasteland and you want to go nuclear.

Serrice Ice Brandy: Mass Effect


The residents of the Citadeld go to drink in times of need, emergency induction port optional.

T Virus & Antidote: Resident Evil


One to help you loose your mind and one to bring you back from the dead.

Butterbeer Float: Harry Potter


Philter Of Health: Elder Scrolls


A cocktail to give you extra life when you’re feel it draining from you.

Possession: Bioshock Infinite


A fun twist on the Bioshock infinite vigor, which will make you think you can bend the will of machines, unfortunately you can’t.

Dratini: Pokémon


A cute yet toxic looking cocktail to help you prepare for battle.

The Siren: Borderlands 2


To help you become the life of the party with zero worries.

Purple Lyrium (Dragon Age)

I’m not going to lie I made this one myself (it totally already exists under a different name though), but nethertheless may I present to you… Purple Lyrium

My Dragon Age cocktail came to light whilst I was decorating my games room and needed something which resembled blue and red lyrium, alas 1 shot of Blue Curaco, 2 shots of Cherry Sours topped up with lemonade equals purple Lyrium!

Remember to drink responsibly, casting spells when drunk can have serious consequences and side effects.


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