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Bethesda E3 2016

The last conference of the first day, no one knows what quite to expect from Bethesda. Fallout DLC is obviously one of the big ones, as well as more information on Dishonoured 2, and rumors have been circling of a Skyrim remake for current consoles. Well at 3:20am the conference started, and things started with a bang!

After the trailer finishes running, Tim Willits (Studio Director, ID Software) took to the stage to announce their new first person shooter for the PC. Much like the original Quake from the ’90s, this will be a purely multiplayer game featuring a broad range of characters with personal loadouts and abilities. Tim finished off by announcing the Quake launchplan – Bethesda will officially support tournaments outside of Quakecon. More details will be revealed at Quakecon later this year.

Next took the stagePete Hines (Global VP of PR and Marketing, Bethesda) to officially launch the showcase. First of all he gave a recap of 2015, detailing all the accolades and awards won by Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4 and Doom. He then led the discussion onto Elder Scrolls: Legends. He talked about the story mode and gameplay, which gave a unique twist on Blizzard’s Hearthstone format. More people would be allowed into the Beta, and It’ll be coming to iPhone, Mac, Android Tablets and PC.

Steering the  attention to one of its showstoppers last year, Todd Howard thanked fans for their support and invited us to take a look at the next DLC; Contraptions, Vault Tec Workshop and Nuka World. Fallout Shelter, which was released at their conference last year, will have a big update which includes new quests, a gameplay overhaul, new locations, and will heading to PC July 2016. Before leaving us, Todd confirmed the rumors of an Elder Scrolls V Remaster Edition – Skyrim Special Edition, which will include mod support on consoles.

Next, Raphael Colantonio from Arcane took to the stage to lead us into a trailer for a new game – PREY. Presumably a re-imagining of the PREY 2 game which was only ever announced by Bethesda, we are stuck on Talos-1, a spacestation in the year 2032. Part of a ‘key experiment’, the station is overrun unexpectedly by invading aliens. Heading to the XBox One / PS4 / PC, it too will be given more details at Quakecon.

Some multiplayer improvements are coming to DOOM: new modes, including classic deathmatch, and a new DLC pack with new maps, a new demon, new armour and new guns. Pete Hines took to the stage again, and revealed that Bethesda intended to offer the first level of Doom as demo (Steam, PS4, XBO) for this week only.

Next came Matt Firor, Game Director for Elder Scrolls Online, revealing that on June 23 Japan would join the 7 million players. Additinally, he announced ‘One Tamriel’, which modified the MMO to get rid of level restrictions on alliances and questing ‘this fall’.

Next, Pete returned to reveal that Bethesda would be expanding into Virtual Reality – DOOM and Fallout 4 are headed to the HTC Vive in 2017.


Finally, Harvey Smith – creative director of Dishonoured 2 – came onstage to rather nervously introduce Bethesda’s final showpiece. He opened with a reveal of in-game footage, as well as revealing the custom game engine they had made for the game, the Void Engine. With a 11.11.16 release, this game is not one to miss.

Before finishing the show, Dishonoured 2 Collector’s Edition was announced – featuring props like Emily’s ring, and Corvo’s mask. In limited supply, if you preorder before a certain time, you would also receive Dishonoured Definitive Edition.

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