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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Alan Rickman dies, aged 69.

Today we lost another of our greats, with Alan Rickman passing away at 69 from cancer.

We at Geek Pride lament his passing and wish to honour one of the truly greatest actors of our generation with a top five of Alan Rickman’s greatest roles.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Whilst the film itself may be somewhat forgettable and spawned the Bryan Adams track that refused to die, Alan Rickman was in fantastically over the top form as the gleefully vicious Sherriff of Nottingham.


Galaxy Quest

Any homage to geekery needs to include Alan Rickman, and here he played the thespian actor Alexander Dane. The transformation of Dane, from abhorring his role as Dr. Lazarus (in the fictional TV series Galaxy Quest) to finally accepting it, was a thing of beauty.



Harry Potter (all of them!)

How do you make a twisted antagonist sympathetic? Cast Alan Rickman… The reason behind Snape’s dislikes of Harry Potter is slowly revealed in a wonderfully nuanced performance by Alan Rickman.  By the end, we not only understand Snape’s reasons but sympathise with him to.



Alan Rickman was in fine – and quotable form – as the Metratron in Kevin Smith’s Dogma. From the snide remarks to his dog-eared appearance, Alan Rickman played the put-upon Voice of God with deceptive ease.


Die Hard

Not only is Die Hard of the most truly festive films to date and includes one of the most quotable lines in cinematic history, but Alan Rickman – in his debut film role – also played one of the greatest villains of all time as Hans Gruber.


Rest in Peace, Sir. You will be missed.

Peter Ray Allison
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