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Alien Encounter Halloween

This Halloween, it’s war!

On 31st October, the National Space Centre in Leicester opens its doors for the Colonial Marines, in a mission that will change your world (and your underwear) forever.

Basic entry includes full access to the National Space Centre (including 3D simulator ride), entry into the Aliens Exhibition of original props and costumes from the movie and a chance to meet Colonial Marine armourer Terry English and see his stunning exhibition.

There will also be Q&A sessions with Terry English, as well as Aliens actor Trevor Steedman (Private Wierzbowski) and Aliens expert Harry Harris.

Also included will be:

  • The firing range and Marine Corps training camp
  • The Ultimate Alien Quiz (with prizes)
  • Screening of the documentary The Beast Within: The Making of Alien
  • Harry Harris’s exhibition of original props and costumes
  • The UK Colonial Marines will be on guard throughout the event in case of any xenomorph incursion.trevor

You can add to the basic level entry, to brave the live-action Alien Encounter and watch Aliens in the Planetarium (a midnight showing of Aliens is the coolest way to experience Halloween, anyway).

The Alien Encounter is a tour through the Weyland Yutani sponsored Bio-Research Facility at the National Space Centre, home to the latest studies on the newly discovered life-form from LV-426. The tour includes an introduction into the research programme, unprecedented access to the control room, where all the activities in the restricted lower floors can be safely viewed, and an opportunity to see how Weyland Yutani really is making safer worlds.

Please note, the facility will be under the protection of the Colonial Marines and the Xenomorph containment systems are secure and there will be nothing to worry about.

Both the Alien Encounter and Aliens film have limited numbers, and will cost an extra £5, but are well worth the experience.  Tickets for the event can be booked here.


Peter Ray Allison
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