An MMO Far Far Away # 3 – Onward and upwards

by on 30/12/2011

27 levels gone 23 to go

So I’ve been hammering SWTOR with my brother for the last week or so and we are on Lvl 27 and 29 respectively.

 Things I have picked up along the way

Commendations – On each world and in PVP / Space battles you can earn commendation by completing missions and some times just killing mobs. These commendations can in turn be traded in for mods and gear from vendors found on the planet, in Coruscant or in the fleet Space station. (Quality differs depending on the difficulty of the planet you are on.)

Space Battles – (You get your spaceship around lvl 11) Really, really enjoyable and generally consists of your ship having to take out a certain amount of gun turrets, tie interceptors or shield generators. You can’t move the screen around, as it’s on a pre determined route but you can move your ship out of the way of danger using the mouse curser; left click fires your lasers, right click shoots missile and space bar barrel rolls. Basic stuff but really adds another level to the game and takes away from the monotony of the grind. It is also really good that you can upgrade your ships gear, the same way you can upgrade yours and your companions.

PVP– Seems to be a few battlegrounds and one called “Hut Ball” which I haven’t tried. Pretty good fun all and all; not a huge change from the WoW battlegrounds but different enough to keep you hooked. Something I will no doubt hammer when I hit lvl 50.

Companion choice – I now have 3 companions Aric Jorgan (Ranged DPS), Elara Dorne (ranged healer) and my ship droid C2 N2 (doesn’t do much) ; there is also the chance of picking up 3 / 4 others: Tanno Vic (melee Tank), M1-4X (ranged DPS and who I am close to getting), Yunn (Melee DPS) and a bonus character that I don’t know anything about . (find out more about these companions here)

Problem is who do you chose? I spent a lot of time with the by the book Elara who does a great job at healing; problem is, it takes longer to kill mobs, especially ones with elites and as much as I want to increase Elaras affection level it is a lot easier, and quicker to deal with baddies with Aric and his big gun (non pun intended).. it’s a shame that you cant have more than one companion active at once, the others have to be content with going off and completing scavenging and information missions.

Datacrons – These infuriating things are dotted around the different planets and give you bonuses of strength, aim, cunning, endurance etc. If only you could get to them! I have managed to find a few but there are others which are in plain sight but just out of reach and have spent fruitless hours trying to reach them! GAH!

40 000 credits for a speeder licence!? – it would be cheaper to walk. Luckily getting 40k isn’t that hard, with all the loot and random crap you can pick up and sell through out the game.. I’ve managed to get a speeder licence and still have 50k credits left to spend as I wish. Money that will no doubt come in handy as my talents and repair bills are starting to mount!

I totally made out with one of the Republics NCOs – yeah I know it’s sad but I have a real life girlfriend as well, promise!

Social and Valour points – You get points for completing PVP matches, you also get points for joining groups and talking to NPCs; these go up in tiers, which I can only assume let you get better things from the social and PVP vendors .


So far so good, not getting bored yet… onwards and upwards!