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Jurassic World Sneak Peek

by therockfairyon 02/02/2015
The trailer for Jurassic World premiered during the Super Bowl and has already found its way online so we thought we’d share the excitement with you in case you missed it… Jurassic World is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise and stars Guardians of The Galaxy favourite Chris Pratt.  The film is out […]

Fox in Talks to Bring Back The X-Files

by therockfairyon 18/01/2015
Could our favourite FBI agents really be making a return to the small screen?  Fox have confirmed that they are in talks with…well whoever they need to have talks with…about the possibility of a reboot of The X Files with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny set to reprise their roles as sceptical FBI agent Dana […]

Super Mario. A Musical Maestro

by therockfairyon 28/12/2014
Whilst everyone is busy getting excited over their Playstations and Xboxes (or not as the case may be for some folk due to some hardcore hacking but that’s another story), some of us remember a little Italian plumber very fondly.  Yes folks, Super Mario.  What you may not realise is that he’s inspired a generation […]

Disney. Cocktails. You’re Welcome.

by therockfairyon 01/12/2014
This time of year is a time for partying and I came across these little gems to help bring some fun to the proceedings.  I can’t deny I am a fan of Disney and booze so Disney themed cocktails are always going to be a hit with me!  Cody Winfrey is a mixologist from the […]

Jared Leto to Play The Joker?

by therockfairyon 10/11/2014
The internet is a lovely hotbed of rumour and the potential casting for David Ayer’s upcoming DC masterpiece, The Suicide Squad, is no exception. With a 2016 release date, casting decisions are likely to be finalised in coming months, so it’s natural that the speculation is hotting up. Based on the DC comic of the […]

Is this the Most Plausible Joker Theory Yet?

by therockfairyon 02/11/2014
Ever since Gotham started, and for a little while before, speculation of how the Joker will be worked into the plot has been rife. Of course, Gotham is not a story about Batman per se so are we wrong to even think that the Joker will make an appearance given the time the series is […]

DC vs Marvel – Halloween Edition

by therockfairyon 02/11/2014
Okay, so the DC vs Marvel debate is a never ending one but Halloween certainly brings out the big guns. Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to sit firmly in the DC camp based on his observations… Neil Patrick Harris and family most certainly sit in the DC camp too… Maybe predictably given the character he’s playing at […]

Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn…Making Facebook Comments Fun Again. For Now.

by therockfairyon 13/08/2014
Remember when the comment section on Facebook was actually quite interesting?  You could see a really funny/insulting/heartfelt picture and then take great delight in reading people’s comments.  You could marvel at the sheer ignorance of people or revel in their genius.  Then this happened…   It was actually quite funny at first.  Then people decided not to […]

12 Life Lessons From Robin Williams

by therockfairyon 12/08/2014
I watched What Dreams May Come with my best mate on on Saturday night and we were chatting about what an amazing soul Robin Williams was.  The fact he’d come so far through his drug addiction and depression was something we found inspirational and his creativity was awe-inspiring.  He’s played so many different characters over the […]

Think You’d Survive A Zombie Apolcalypse? Now’s Your Chance To Prove It

by therockfairyon 08/07/2014
If, like us, you were a little underwhelmed with the trailer for The Walking Dead then why not star in your own version?  OK not exactly The Walking Dead but BBC 3’s version.  “I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse” is a new reality show looking for contestants to show just exactly how they would fare should […]