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Battlefield 1 – Biplanes, Tanks and Zeppelins, oh my!

And so, the cat is out of the bag. The new Battlefield game is Battlefield 1 – Set in World War 1!

Battlefield 1

Biplanes, Triplanes, Tanks and artillery. Trench Warfare, Battleships, and horseback charges in the desert! The first time that ‘modern technology’ came to the battlefield. The war to end all wars, or so they said. and EA want to take us there in HD.

Before the trailer, they discussed the history of battlefield, and the fact that while Battlefield has become synonymous with destruction and spectacle, for them it’s also about communication and teamwork – They started out wanting to bring the teamwork and fun of the LAN party to an online game, and the immersion and immediacy of the game experience to help you feel like you were in the game. They felt that, with the new Game Changers program, the community had been a real part of the new game – Let’s see if they made a difference!

With one of the Game Changers on stage, they talked about the immediacy and physicality of the new game, embodied by the Entrenching tool in the face melee maneuver you see in the trailer.

Battlefield 1

They’re looking to show us not only the parts of the War everyone knows – the trench lines of France, the battles in the desert, but they want to show just how far the war spread. They’re also bringing a host of new vehicles, including some of the biggest vehicles they have ever built.

The battles are still limited to a maximum of 64 players, and preserves their ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ balancing that keeps one weapon or vehicle from dominating outright. They talked about the sheer range of options the player will see, with many ways to solve problems.

To increase immersion, they have tried to draw you in further with the sound and design, but also with more intuitive controls, and by using all the tools at their disposal to make it more cinematic and involving. All this combines with teamwork to make it more fun, and they are working to reward team players over lone wolf players. Teams can move from server to server together, rather than splitting and reforming, so the whole experience can be enjoyed together.

There will of course be the usual range of weapons – Pistols, rifles, shotgun, machine guns… and of course, Melee weapons!! Heavy, light, pointy and blunt… And Bayonet charges. Charge!!!

Vehicles range from cars and trucks, to tanks, fighters, bombers and battleships. and don’t forget your trusty horse!!

They haven’t forgotten the campaign, either. They are bringing more vehicles, more choices and more ‘Battlefield Moments’. The campaign will follow several different characters and show their experiences and how they change.

It’s definitely looking epic, but it’s not due until October. Let’s hope it plays as well, because we KNOW will sell well… Admit it, you already pre-ordered, didn’t you?

Battlefield 1 will launch on October 21st, 2016 Worldwide on Xbox One, Origin™ for PC and PlayStation®4.

Battlefield 1

Mark Canty
Mark Canty
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