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Friday, July 1, 2022

Big Hero Six Star Fancies Himself a Bit of a Boy Wonder

With the DC movie universe expanding in all directions like a particularly aggressive case of Athlete’s Foot, actors and actresses are falling over themselves to nab one of the many, many character parts that the Superman and Batman publisher has to offer.

One such actor is Ryan Potter, veteran of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (sort of) following his work on 2014’s Big Hero Six in which he played Hiro Hamada, and talented martial artist. Surmising that, seeing as he’s shooting a solo Batman flick Ben Affleck might be on the lookout for a Robin, Potter has thrown his hat into the ring with a pretty flippin’ awesome audition video, showing off some of his killer moves and even a sprinkling of the Boy Wonder’s trademark levity with a closing quip aimed directly at Batfleck:

Hey, Ben! Like Tim said, Batman needs a Robin.

The Tim he’s referring to here is Tim Drake, the boy who became Robin after the fellow who previously held the position, Jason Todd, died at the hands of Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker. Introducing this particular sidekick makes a lot of sense given that, after those glimpses of a graffiti-stained costume in Batman V Superman’s batcave 2.0, we know that The Bat has had sidekicks in the past and it didn’t end well for all of them.


From the looks of things, Ryan Potter’s Robin would bring a heaving helping of ass-kicking goodness along with a generous side of much-needed jocularity to the brooding franchise and, given his experience playing a tech-savvy teen hero with a barely-controlled dark side, we think he’d make a pretty damn amazing Tim Drake.

Check out the vid below, and let us know what you think!

Ben Fee
Ben Fee
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