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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Big Papa Smurf returns to 40k

Well with Magnos being the first Primarch ( all be it in demon form) to return to the 40k table top there was a lot of rumours flying around about who was going to be next.. please be Russ, please be Russ, please be Russ….

Well it seems the wait is over and the first, of hopefully many loyalist primarchs to return, is Big Pap Smurf himself; Roboute Guilliman.

New model.. what do you think?

I guess Russ will have to wait 😭

Rumours have it also that, with his return, will mark the death of Abaddon by way of Cypher’s Bolt Pistol and the beginning of 8th edition. A set of rules that will be streamlined and will also make use of Age of Sigmar esq war scrolls.

i have to say I am completely digging this narrative progression and community interaction GW have now decided to embrace; long may it continue and….



**UPDATE – having looked closer at the picture it would Seem that we will be getting a new cypher model . Also, those look like fallen models fighting with him.. does this mean the Dark Angels are in fact traitors and the Fallen are the loyalists?

Finally, it could just be the picture but the spacemarines surrounding Smurf Lord are a slightly different colour scheme than usual.

**UPDATE 2***

looks like Draigo is joining the party too!

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