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Ahh, my Sarah Jane – Doctor Who, The Fourth Doctor, Issue 1 – Titan Comics

by on 18/04/2016

Writers: Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby
Artist: Brian Williamson
Covers: Alice X.Zhang, photo, Brian Williamson, Jay Gunn, Matt Baxter, blank sketch


Titan Comics


Feels very close to the atmosphere of the original Fourth Doctor Adventures
Clean Artwork, good representation of the Doctor
Traditional cliffhanger - Awesome!


Not convinced by Sarah Jane - And we're all here to see Sarah Jane, right?
Oh so close to being great - Maybe next issue will clinch it?

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Bottom Line

A really good shot at the Fourth Doctor - So close it hurts, and hits me right in the Nostalgia!


Doctor Who Cover A Alice X. ZhangGaze of the Medusa, Part 1

Well, it’s always nice to meet an old friend or two. Titan’s Doctor Who team have done well here, with a very typical Fourth Doctor adventure – Victorian London, strange creatures and mysterious protagonists. The misty, mysterious tone is very close to the TV episodes, and Sarah Jane and the Doctor come across well. I’m intrigued to learn the secrets of Chrononautology, aren’t you?

Williamson’s representation of the 4th Doctor is very good, but his Sarah Jane isn’t quite right – But convincing enough. the colours are good overall, and the art neat. I’d call the overall art and lettering slightly above average. The plot is shaping up well before the obligatory cliff-hanger, and it’s all very reminiscent of the classic era in pacing. I’d like to congratulate Titan overall on this one.

Doctor Who Cover C Brian Williamson

The variant covers are a mixed bunch, but fun. the overall standard is good, and I hope they keep it up. There’s so much more to come, and if they continue to maintain this level or higher, the 4th Doctor is a welcome returnee.

I’m really looking forward to the next issue. Welcome back, Sarah Jane, would anyone care for a Jelly Baby?