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All new thrill Jaegir set to debut in 2000AD prog 1874

by on 14/03/2014


Earthlets rejoice, Tharg The Mighty is bringing a new thrill to anthology comic 2000AD spun out from one of the title’s most enduring worlds, Rogue Trooper. The new series, dubbed ‘Jaegir’, will focus on the story of Atalia Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police who is charged with policing Nort society and hunting down genetic outcasts and war criminals who are hiding from justice.

601184_10151863565581376_2083517597_nThe comic is written by Gordon Rennie, part of the team behind one of last years top indie comics, Dept. of Monsterologywith art from Simon Coleby. 2000AD has long been home to various engrossing worlds, with Judge Dredd’s being the most infamous and now Rogue Trooper’s rather simplistic world is being broadened for the new series.

For those not familiar with Rogue Trooper, it’s the story of a bitter future war inspired by World War II between the ‘Norts’, or Northerner Unionists, a totalitarian force who fought against the ‘Southers’ on Nu-Earth. In the process of the war, various chemical weapons turned Nu-Earth into a deadly poisonous environment where troopers had to wear chemsuits in order to survive in the open. The Souther’s created the G.I’s, or Genetic Infantrymen, to survive this harsh environment only to be betrayed and slaughtered, with the sole survivor being Rogue Trooper who sets out on a quest of vengeance.

Jaegir makes its first appearance in 2000AD prog 1874, a prog aimed at new readers, with an on sale Earth date of 26 March 2014.