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Fan comes up with excellent trailer for Dredd sequel, Dredd: Cursed Earth

by on 13/03/2014


Whilst the on-going fight for a sequel to the critically acclaimed and fan favourite Dredd 3D continues, one fan, going by the username of Whiplashdynamo, has created an excellent trailer. Through some impressive editing of footage from various sources and audio sampling, the user has come up with a trailer for the film that fans are waiting for: Dredd: Cursed Earth.

This is just the latest sign that fans everywhere haven’t given up on the possibility of a follow up to the cult hit which has been racking up sales and continues to be a hit on streaming services. The official ‘Make a Dredd Sequel’ petition has been getting thousands of signatures along with over 80,000 likes on the Facebook Page.

Who wants to see Karl Urban’s Dredd take the law to the lawless?