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Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray return with more Sex & Violence

by on 04/09/2014


Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray the rest of the Paperfilms crew are back with a Kickstarter for a second volume of their adult oriented anthology Sex & Violence.

Inspired by Palmiotti’s love for classic European adult oriented anthology comic Heavy Metal, Sex and Violence Volume 2 is an adult oriented anthology graphic novel written by Palmiotti and his long time writing partner Justin Gray. Art in the book will be provided by Romina Moranelli, Rafa Garres , Vanesa R. Del Rey and Paul Mounts.

The three stories in the book are “Daddy Issues” about a seductive mother and daughter, “Red Dog Army” set during Hitler’s invasion of Russia it’s the story of veteran dog trainer Yuri Schlonsky who was recruited into the army against his will and sniper Valeriya Petroff, and “Filter” about a killer named Nico looking back on his life as a young man growing up in the streets of Brooklyn.

Palmiotti and Paperfilms have already done several successful Kickstarter campaigns for graphic novels. taking advantage of the freedom of not being tied down to a publisher to create adult oriented books.

Sex and Violence 2 has already hit its target with over 20 days to go and anyone who hasn’t got the first book but likes the sound of it can get a new edition as part of a package deal through this campaign, with new editions featuring cover art by Dave Johnson and  Amanda Conner available.

For more info check out the Sex and Violence 2 Kickstarter