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John Constantine: Hellblazer – The Soul Play

by on 02/12/2014

John Constantine: Hellblazer – The Soul Play is a fan film made by UK based production crew Waking Dream Studios. The short is set in Vertigo Hellblazer continuity with the story taking place some time after the final story by writer Peter Milligan. The story has Constantine, played by David Chabeaux, joining a trio of demons playing poker for souls.

Whilst it might have a nonexistent budget compared to NBC’s Constantine this “all swearing, all smoking, all grifting tale of John Constantine” is firmly rooted in the world of the Vertigo comic and definitely captures the Hellblazer vibe. Chabeaux makes for a good Constantine, looking uncannily like Simon Bisley’s take on the character.

The short was written, directed and produced by Richard Reynolds and his passion for the source material is obvious with numerous references for fans to pick up on and enjoy.

See the film below: