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Machinima’s ‘Enormous’ Pilot is Here and it’s Impressive Stuff.

by on 25/03/2014


The pilot for Machinima’s web series based on Enormous, the comic from Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour, previewed here hit the interwebs a few days ago and if you haven’t seen it then you’re missing out.

Enormous is set in the aftermath of a vast ecological cataclysm which has spawned colossal beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Ellen Grace, played by Ceren Lee in the pilot, leads the only remaining United Nations Search & Recovery Team through the deadly giant monster infested streets. The team is searching for a cure for a pathogen that has been decimating what’s left of humanity, the key to which may lie in the blood of uninfected children.

The pilot was written by Andre Ovredal, a name which some recognise as he directed the memorable Troll Hunter, with BenDavid Grabinski directing. Alongside Lee, the pilot also features Erica Gimpel and Steve Braun.

If the pilot is popular enough then a full web series will follow.