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Nancy in Hell comes to TV, hopefully

by on 11/06/2016

TV shows based on comics are popping up everywhere these days it seems. The thing the majority of them have in common is they involve superheroes, with the occasional exception like Wynona Earp and the recently premiered Outcast (for my thoughts on that go here).

Another one of those exceptions to the rule, potentially anyways, could be Nancy in Hell.

Nancy in Hell is a gloriously bad taste Grindhouse horror comic created by writer El Torres. The short version is cheerleader Nancy finds herself in Hell and fighting her way out against demons with a chainsaw (I reviewed the follow up Nancy in Hell (on Earth) a while back).  Now the comic could potentially become a TV series. If obscure properties like Wynona Earp can become TV shows,hit shows at that, then anything can happen really. And Ash Vs Evil Dead has shown that bad taste horror can work as a TV show.

Producer/Screen writer Jennifer Van Gessel of Far From Everything films is raising funds for a proof of concept film to show networks that are interested. There’s less than 48 hours to go with perks ranging from digital copies of the graphic novels, graphic novels signed by writer El Torres to original art by a host of different artists amongst other things.

Checkout the Kickstarter here and the promo shot of Jordan Finlayson as Nancy below.