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Peter Parker Returns!

by on 12/01/2014

For those with amnesia, Marvel killed off Peter Parker back in December 2012, and replaced him with a more-or-less heroic Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body, who has been headlining his own Superior Spider-Man series ever since.

Whilst Superior Spider-Man has gone on to become Marvel’s top-selling title with its own army of loyal fans, as time wears on it becomes less and less likely that Doc Ock could get away with being a colossal douche without somebody noticing that Peter would never behave that way. I mean, what would Aunt May think?

(Wait, didn’t Aunt May and Doc Ock almost get married way back, and now he’s wearing her nephew like a human cosplay? Ew.)

Anyhoo, we can expect The Amazing Spider-Man #1 to arrive in April this year, but that’s all we know so far. No word on how Peter will come back- though I’d guess the fact that the Amazing X-Men are currently having adventures in the afterlife with their deceased friends Nightcrawler and Professor X may play a part.

We all knew he wouldn’t stay dead, but hearing that Peter Parker is returning to the Spidey-suit (and his body) is awesome news for any Spider-fan. Especially this one- now I can take down my mourning shrine!