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They’re He-eere!! Independence Day #1

by on 09/04/2016

Writer: Victor Gischler
Artists: Steve Scott


Titan Comics


Clean artwork
Nice selection of Alternative Covers
Plot and Characterisation in line with the movies


Plot is a little pedestrian - Like the film
Characterisation thin
The overall standard of the artwork is pretty ordinary

Editor Rating
Total Score

Bottom Line

If you enjoyed the films, you're likely to enjoy this. It does what it says on the box. Clean artwork, a little action, soldiers and aliens - It'll sell well enough to make Titan's work worthwhile!


ID_#1_Cover_AIt’s almost summer, so it must be time for the next Blockbuster Sequel™! Hope you’re ready for more aliens than you can shake a cigar at. This issue is a nice, low key start, with a familiar face, some action and a cliff-hanger.

Set after the end of the first film, it deals with the investigation of a mysterious alien ship that escaped the destruction dealt out by the plucky human fighter pilots by virtue of having crashed underwater.  Titan have done a creditable job, with clean art and respectable colouring – Nothing to write home about, but it doesn’t stop you wanting to read.

We follow the team assigned to investigate aboard a ballistic missile submarine – So there’s a little interpersonal conflict, some adrenaline and the realisation that the characterisation is about as strong as the original film – So don’t expect too much, it’s popcorn fare.

There’s some nice artwork on the covers, including variants, and a nice layout tracing the alien invasion and associated stories from tie in novels, etc, through to the new film. It’s a ‘nice to have’ for completists, and adds to the experience if you’re worried about that sort of thing. 32 pages gives you just enough time to get into the story – but not too much detail. I suspect Titan will do pretty well on the sales by virtue of the license. It’s not an awful read, and I’ll be interested to see where they take this next – 4 more to go!!