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Valiant’s Ninjak web series makes bloody first impression

by on 10/10/2016

Valiant Comics might have a lower profile than some publishers but that hasn’t stopped them publishing some of the best comics around, pick up Rai and Bloodshot if you don’t believe me. Now the publisher along with Aaron and Sean Schoenke aka Bat in The Sun have released the first trailer for their upcoming live action web series based on their character Ninjak.

Michael Rowe (who played Deadshot on Arrow) stars as MI-6’s master assassin who finds himself coming up against a variety of Valiant’s other characters after betraying his allies. The trailer also features the first live action glimpse of Jason David Frank as Bloodshot, a former soldier with a variety of abilities, including an advanced healing factor, due to nanites coursing through his bloodstream.

One thing that’s clear is Ninjak VS The Valiant Universe is set to be brutal and bloody affair.

Ninjak is set to be released online in 2017.