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Wallace ‘Wally’ Wood’s ‘Cannon’ presented in all new collection.

by on 12/03/2014


 The work of critically acclaimed comics legend Wallace ‘Wally’ Wood , a name normally associated with Mad Magazine, EC Comics or Marvel’s Dare Devil. Cannon appeared in Overseas Weekly, a newspaper distributed exclusively to U.S. Military bases around the world. This distribution meant no commercial editorial restrictions, giving Wood free reign – producing a thrilling Cold War spy serial complete with brutal violence and a good helping of sex and sensationalism all as part of an effort to boost morale in military bases.

 John Cannon, is a secret agent, America’s James Bond and a precursor to FX’s Sterling Malory Archer. Initially brainwashed by the terrifying and voluptuous Madame Toy to be the ultimate assassin for the Red forces, Cannon was eventually rescued but brainwashed (again) by the CIA until he was a blank slate. Working for the Central Intelligence Agency, Cannon embarks on perilous adventures undercover and under the covers as he single-handedly fights the Cold War, with an array of hi-tech gadgets and a licence to kill.

Now, with the Wallace Wood Estate and working from new source material, an all new collection of Cannon is being presented by Fantagraphics.