Daily Mail Get Sherlock Actors’ Names Wrong

by on 02/01/2014

In some instances, when you mock an editing mistake, you can feel pretty mean: it is, after all, quite hard to rule every mistake out of an article. Cthulhu knows we aren’t perfect here at Geek Pride. But, sometimes, a mistake is just… ridiculous.

Step forward everyone’s most reviled, vomitous ‘newspaper’ the Daily Mail, for whom ‘accuracy’ is just a crossword answer. In their review of last night’s Sherlock episode, they made some… interesting mistakes. As reported by The Media Blog [@TheMediaTweets]:


Now, I haven’t yet gotten around to watching the newest episode of Sherlock yet, but I’m pretty damn sure that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch haven’t been replaced by their evil, identical twins in the series. Someone would surely have noticed by now. Though it wouldn’t have been The Daily Mail.


I’m not going to link to the Daily Mail website because, as you may or may not know, they are professional trolls: they earn most of their advertising revenue by releasing horrible articles, trolling opinion pieces, and so on, in order to get people to click through to their website. Their attitudes towards journalism aside, this could simply be a purposeful mistake released a day after the first episode of the series to garner more views.

Alternatively, it could be a funny as Hell mistake from a rag. The choice, dear readers, is yours…