Dungeon Rockin’: Warhammer Quest – 9GPP

by on 28/06/2013

Games Workshop’s first trip into the iOS games market has Rodeo Games producing the 1995 popular dungeon adventure role-playing board game, Warhammer Quest.

Set in the fantasy Warhammer world and just like the original board game, you take part in various turn based dungeon quests on either specified linear missions offered to you as part of the storyline, or take part in standalone quest to either hunt a warlord, acquire treasure or rescue a poor and unfortunate local.

You begin your adventures with a Marauder, Wood Elf Waywatcher, Dwarf Ironbreaker and a Grey Wizard in the Empire province of Stirland.  You start off in a mine on a mission to kill the local spider populace.  The game works with the standard Warhammer Quest rules for movement, with the game generating your rolls to hit and damage. 

2013-06-13 20.39.50As the game progresses you obtain gold, valuable items, and a mixture of normal and magical items to help you on your adventures.  Once you have completed your adventure you travel to the town of Siegfridhof, where you can go to the market to buy and sell items, the Adventurer’s Guild where you can retire your warriors, the Training Grounds where your warriors can pay to level up when they have enough experience points, or a trip to the Temple to pray.

2013-06-13 20.25.31When you have competed your trading and other tasks, it’s time to head of on your adventures once more.  You are given the choice to select the linear quest, or an option to complete a number of stand alone quests.  The more quests you undertake the more settlements you can discover.  Just like the board game, travel to and from settlements offers a variety of hazards that can either end up with you gaining or losing gold, or even one of your warriors carrying an handicap into the next dungeon.  As each settlement varies in different sizes they offer your warriors different items.

2013-06-13 20.41.55Through the game options menu, you have the option to purchase additional warriors to select for your quests- at this time you can obtain a Dwarf Trollslayer, Warrior Priest or Elven Archmage.  The additional content also allows you to purchase additional dungeons in Reikland, involving Skaven story lines, as well as more gold.

If you have never played the board game previously don’t worry, this game is wonderfully simple to learn and comes with a tutorial at the beginning to show you how to move through the dungeons and engage in combat.  The game has smooth clean and crisp graphics that allow you to zoom in and out, showing magnificent detail for an iOS game.

“Waaagh!” Rotgob, Ork strategist

You will spend hours traveling through numerous dungeons as you become immersed in Old World.  Whether you are a fan or not of Games Workshop or Warhammer Quest, this is an amazing adventure game for all experienced RPG fans or simply someone looking to try an RPG game for the first time.

2013-06-13 20.42.14The only criticism I can give this game is that you are constantly facing critters, orks and goblins throughout the dungeons; it is only until you purchase the expansion pack that you can face the various Skaven warriors, and only after you have reached the appropriate level.  However, this does not take away from the game’s enjoyment and only offers a mild frustration. 

I for one can’t wait for the next expansion, having gotten my warriors to their maximum level and wanting to face the next set of dungeon creatures, maybe beastmen or undead, and ultimately dragons and daemons.