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E3 2016: Our Favourite Moments

E3 has come and gone for yet another year, and let’s face it, we more than once boarded the hype train! We were absolutely wowed (looking at you, Sony!), intrigued, and on occasion, a little underwhelmed by some of the gaming industry’s latest announcements. Nevertheless, as the dust settles, its time to do a little recap on the parts that left game players (and of course, Geek Pride) in sheer and utter awe. Here’s our favourite moments from E3 2016:




Venturing into Virtual Reality, Finally

With the Playstation VR finally having the release date of 13th October this year, Sony playfully decided to whet our appetites all the more by revealing Resident Evil 7 in its showcase (but more on that later). However, Microsoft were determined to outdo their rival with the reveal of Xbox One’s Project Scorpio. There’s no doubt that both consoles are highly impressive, and Project Scorpio is even said to be the most powerful gaming platform ever made. But with it being more than a year until its release and there’s questions as to how they will fit in the hardware of VR, we think the Playstation VR wins this round; seeing as it will have 50 games available from the get-go.


We Made It, Mass Effect: Andromeda 

We won’t lie, when EA gave us a trailer for Bioware’s much anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda, the fangirling went into over drive at Geek Pride. Seeing as Mass Effect is one of the most celebrated story-driven gaming franchises, Andromeda has got big boots to fill; and seeing as we had yet to see any solid new content, our expectations were high. Understandably, there was an overwhelming amount to take in from the newest gameplay, including returning races, some motion capture, gorgeous frostbite terrains, but most importantly, our new protagonist. Its now been confirmed that the female featured is our default hero, Ryder, who is seen awakening from a stasis chamber and sighing the chilling line of “we made it.” The EA showcase doesn’t show much else in terms of story and gameplay, but it was enough to peak our interest all the more, and of course wish that it was March 2017 already!



We NEED to Talk about Sony

Sony truly outdid themselves this year with a conference that revealed not only a better look at the Playstation VR in all its glory, but with what seemed to be one stunning game showcase after another. It almost felt as though we had no time to settle ourselves before yet another big title was shown to us, and big titles they were indeed. Sony included a number of new projects that are in development for PS4, including God of War, Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human, and with that, there’s a reason why its trumped anyone else in terms of gaming lineup.



Skyrim Remastered

A surprise for all of us, Bethesda announced that a remastered version of their critically acclaimed 2011 RPG would be released later this year. Although most of us have probably been lost in the apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout since November, this reveal is a welcomed sight. Bethesda demonstrated some dramatic improvements on the visuals of the game, which has now been dubbed as a “Special Edition”, and will even include PC mods in the console version.


Kratos is Back, Bearded, and Badass

Our favourite angry deity returns in what seems to be a significant shift in the series. Rather than being called simply God of War 4 over its official title of God of War, there are some drastic changes that suggest a departure from the series we have come to know and love. For one, instead of killing Greek Gods, Kratos is now hunting in a bitter cold Norse forest; oh, and he’s also a father to a young boy too. The latest chapter in the saga speculates a more intimate narrative for Kratos, with the gameplay reveal during Sony’s conferences showing a softer side to the character. Although, judging by the way he takes down a troll, his rage still remains to be a key theme.


Gears of War 4

There’s no doubt about it that Gears of War 4 has been much anticipated ever since its first reveal last year, and with it being one of the first games in the new Xbox programme, Xbox Play Anywhere, we were excited all the more. This year at E3, Gears featured an extensive campaign demo that revealed notes of familiarity in its gameplay, but with a definite fresh take on the series. Even in all its brutality, Gears’ new protagonists have a charm that gives the impression that this will be a welcomed chapter for die-hard fans of the much-loved series.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Spidey web-slings into his own PS4 exclusive video-game, which is being developed by Insomniac. The impressive teaser trailer that was revealed during Sony’s exciting conference showed the superhero swinging through the streets of New York with a VO that was packed with witty one-liners. Insomniac noted on the Playstation Blog after the show that “Spider-Man is one of the most iconic and well-known characters in the world, and we’re thrilled to be given the responsibility to create a brand new, authentic Spider-Man story”. With that being said, you can be sure that here at Geek Pride, we think that Spidey is in safe hands with Insomniac.


So there you have it, our favourite moments from E3 2016. While we are unsure when some of these titles will be making their way onto our beloved consoles, you can safely say that its an exciting time in the gaming industry.










An all-round Comics, Games and Film Geek, Jess Healy is a 21 year-old photojournalist/model/cosplayer living in North Wales. Having recently taken the plunge into the intricate phenomenon of competitive cosplay, Jess's articles cater to all types of fandom that looks to celebrate geek community; whatever geek you may be!

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