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Era: The Empowered’s Lacuna #1 Preview



With a fair few board games and comics under his belt, game designer Ed Jowett has decided to combine both of these passions in his latest creation, Era: The Empowered. For those who are unfamiliar with the Kickstarter campaign, Era is a new superhero RPG with a delicious 90’s flavour where, once the player discovers their abilities, they become part of the Empowered Division, a government agency that prides itself on observing the law. With that in mind, Jowett hopes that the first of this tie-in comic series, Lacuna, which is also on Kickstarter, will allow many more comic stories that he has lined up in order to expand the universe and flesh out the Empowered series in its entirety.


Partnering with celebrated writer Amy Allworden, dialogue consultant Johnathan Lewis, and artists Rudi Roelff and Sathit Kaew; Jowett strives to enrich the series by focusing on a set few individuals in the Empowered world. The first, Lacuna, centers around the troubled Chris “Lacuna” Jameson, who upon uncovering his superpowers, begins to fight criminals all the while going seemingly unnoticed by any other empowered. That is, of course, until he is abandoned by his family and he is forced to seek out another just like himself.



While there are variations of panels being both inked and colour as shown in the kickstarter preview, Jowett promises that Lacuna will be a full colour comic. The preview shows intricate examples of what is to come should the project be successful, including a preview video that entices viewers with a series of panels showcasing intriguing potential plot-points, initial characterization sketches from the artists with a clever narration to peak interest. So far the campaign has made great progress in the short time the project launched, with updates being made accordingly documenting the comics creation.

So, if you’re a fan of Jowett’s previous tabletop and comic book work, or if you simply want to help fund an indie comic we encourage you to take a look at Era: The Empowered’s Lacuna #1 Kickstarter page and if you feel so inclined, back it up!


An all-round Comics, Games and Film Geek, Jess Healy is a 21 year-old photojournalist/model/cosplayer living in North Wales. Having recently taken the plunge into the intricate phenomenon of competitive cosplay, Jess's articles cater to all types of fandom that looks to celebrate geek community; whatever geek you may be!

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