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Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop, it’s a trap!

Fallout 4’s latest dlc ‘Wasteland Workshop’ was released on the 12th of May and it comes in the form of a giant add on pack.

The additional content includes extra items to furnish, power and build better settlements, along with the ability to catch and tame wasteland critters before deciding their fate.

The focus of the dlc is undeniably the traps. Varying in size there’s different traps for different types of prey, to catch a Radstag all you need are few carrots and a whole lot of power, Raiders and Gunners are apparently smarter and will only allow themselves to be taken off guard by the promise of free ammo, chems and caps (not at all suspicious).


Once caught, some animals can be tamed and kept as part of the settlement or sent to their doom in the arena, the danger to this is that some critters and enemies are, and always will be, hostile; thus putting your settlement in constant danger (unless you build a Beta Wave Emitter and take good care of your traps).

The downside to all this, if like me you’ve already completed the game and have gone back to do the additional content, you’ll notice that you may be lacking certain perks to fully experience and utilise the new features. The trophies associated with the dlc are mainly aimed at trapping and taming animals, which can’t be done without the Animal Friend, Wasteland Whisperer and Science perks.

Although I loved pretty much every aspect of Fallout 4, one of my favourite parts was building and interacting with the other npc’s (whilst avoiding the Minutemen missions). One of the things I’d like to have seen included would be the ability to make larger more complex settlements, the maximum size hasn’t changed meaning all the new things you have been given to decorate and play around with still have to be limited in use.


So far I’d say that Wasteland Workshop is actually more fun to play than Automatron and better value considering how much extra you get for the price. If you have only just started the game or are starting a new game from scratch then I’d say it was definitely worth including as it adds hours of extra time wasting fun.

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