Farewell, Peter O’Toole

by on 15/12/2013

The first time I saw Peter O’Toole in a movie I was about eight and I thought he was the funniest man ever. It was High Spirits and while not the most impressive movie ever made, I still loved it.  Since then I’ve learned he was actually one amazing actor, one that had graced the stage and our screens, bringing to life characters so vastly different that each role spoke of his great ability to bring them to life. His career has spanned decades, starting in 1956, his roles slowly starting to grow since he appeared as an extra in The Scarlet Pimpernel TV series. Perhaps best known for his role in Lawrence of Arabia,  in which he played the titular character, Peter O’Toole has definitely left his mark on the world of entertainment. 


Peter O’Toole passed away, aged 81, following a long illness. That was the sentence that has shocked the world today, when we were all forced to say goodbye to one of the best actors ever, a man that has shown his integrity and commitment to his craft through his struggle to create and re-create the lives others have imagined for their characters. With each of his movies he’s given us the chance to set foot through the looking glass, bringing us close to adventure, tricks and plots, love and misery.

Rest in peace, Peter O’Toole. You will be greatly missed.