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Avatar: Legend of Korra S3 Trailer

by on 12/06/2014

The ‘Avatar’ series has always been something I have quite enjoyed. The original series, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ had a solid run throughout my early teenage years, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the various adventures and solid character development within the series.

The film…well, the less said about that the better.

‘The Legend of Korra’ has had little trouble bending my feels, despite some hiccups. Yes, instead of having an overall series villain they seem to be running the course of ‘one villain per season’…but with each season the characters seem to grow. I loved the idea of giving the plight of Non-Benders the spotlight in the first season, and the idea of a civil war in the second…

But what now? At the end of Season 2 (SPOILERS), Korra lost her connection to all previous Avatars, meaning that she can no longer call upon the wisdom of the past Avatars to guide her actions. Additionally, the spirit portals are left open to allow Humans and Spirits to coexist with one another.

Season (or Book) 3 is called Change, and no doubt the presence of spirits will have some effect on the world of ‘Avatar’. From the new trailer, we can only question…is this change for better, or for worse?

Once again, we have a ‘silent’ trailer for the upcoming season…allowing the art and oh so sweet action to capture our imagination. It doesn’t give too much of the plot, which in my opinion is fantastic as it allows us to focus on the visual magnificence which helps define the series. We get to see some action, some new characters, and even some old faces…such as the ex-Firelord Zuko working with the White Lotus…following in the footsteps of Uncle Iroh…

No release date so far, but there has been a hiccup for the producers in that the Spanish Dubs of the first six episodes were released on Nickelodeon’s Mexican affiliate ‘MundoNick’ around the time post-production was completed earlier this June…

I still can’t wait.