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Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer Released!

by on 11/10/2016

Black Mirror was something of a cultural phenomenon when it first aired nearly five years ago. The opening episode was very special, seeing a greasy Prime Minister forced into having sex with a pig on national television (unlike another man who did so privately), and it went from strength to strength from there. Charlie Brooker, writers and showrunner, showed dark and miserable visions of our society… and societies which are close enough to ours to almost touch them.

Well, unfortunately Channel 4 haven’t continued making the series, so it won’t have the same British charm. On the flipside, though, Netflix have stepped up to fund the series and are giving us six episodes in the new series, due out October 21st.

The trailer for the newest season of Black Mirror is below:

Some have criticised the more American feel, but it still looks the same. At least, the trailer suggests as much. I for one am excited by the new visions Charlie Brooker has to share for us all, and look forward to the likely video game episode with great interest.