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Watch it Whilst You Can: Deadpool Test Footage in High Res

by on 30/07/2014

Hopefully we’ve all seen the recent leaked Deadpool test footage and drooled over how good it is. In fact, I have not read anyone dissing it at all, just begging for this film to be made. Since the footage was leaked it has been constantly pulled, then found again, then pulled…well you get the idea, anyway I have found another high res version that is working, for now.

The test footage, apparently from 2011, features Ryan Reynolds as the Merc With The Mouth and consists of the perfect balance of comedy, action and violence in the just under two minutes that we are privy to, I can definitely say I want to see this film, do you hear me Fox? Make it, make it now!

Deadpool Test Footage Released!! by invaderboom

If by the time you get here, it has once again been pulled, then I am so sorry though I shall endeavour to replace it for you as soon as I find another version.