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Final trailer for Logan unleashes X-23

by on 22/01/2017

Like many people out there on this spinning orb we call home I’ve had a distinctly problematic relationship with the X-Men films. A franchise that seemed to rapidly become about being a vehicle for showing people with powers have poorly realised fights, rather than being an exploration of interpersonal relationships, character dynamics and society.

The upcoming Logan is Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, a character he has been portraying across several films since the first X-Men in 2000, and it looks like it might actually change things. Jackman has become synonymous with the surly Canadian with adamantium claws and has often been one of the highlights of the franchise despite its numerous frequent stumbles.

The new trailer for the upcoming film which centres on an older and weary Logan and features an ailing Charles Xavier aka Professor X (with Sir Patrick Stewart returning to the role) introduces more elements. The main one being more of Dafne Keen, displaying both her ferocity and general obliviousness to society’s rules as Laura aka X-23, a young girl who finds herself in a similar situation to Logan so many years ago. The new trailer also shows a meta touch with Laura reading X-Men comics and Logan commenting on how “in the real world people die”.

Could Logan be the X-Men related film that finally does things properly and balances character development, a good story and action?

Logan is in cinemas March 3.