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Spring is coming! And it brings Games of Thrones!

by on 12/04/2016

The highly anticipated show is finally returning to our screens, exactly 12 days from now. If you don’t feel like looking at a calendar, I’ll give you a helping hand and let you know it’s returning on April 24th. Mark that down in your calendars!

However, as if the wait wasn’t agonising enough (it’s not like it’s been a year of unanswered questions and theories, one wilder than the other, after all),  HBO has released a new trailer teasing some of the events in the new series. From what I’ve gathered there’s a recurring theme of: revenge, revenge, some more revenge and oh, yes! A war between the actual enemies: the living and  the dead.

Since I wouldn’t want to suffer alone, I thought I’d share this trailer with you. Enjoy and let the waiting begin. (Or continue really, but it always feels like time moves slower when you’re nearing you goal, doesn’t it?)