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Henry Cavill’s first photo as Clark Kent – Batman v Superman

by on 30/06/2014

We’ve all been dying to get more news from the set of the long awaited Batman vs. Superman and they finally gave us a photo. It’s not much – and it’s only a picture of Superman’s “cunningly” crafted disguise, Clark Kent – but hey, it gives me hope that more is to follow.

The picture was released via Twitter by The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund that Henry Cavill shows support for in the photo. The organization’s purpose is to help Royal Marines, both in active duty and retired, to have a better life quality.

Henry Cavill managed to kill two birds with one stone with this one, both giving us what we so much needed after a bit of a dry spell as far as Batman v Superman is concerned and raising awareness for this charitable organization.

first-photo-of-henry-cavill-as-clark-kent-in-batman-v-supermanStay tuned for more, we’ll make sure to bring you fresh news about the movie (that we still have to wait two years for, but who’s counting, right?!).