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Honest Trailers Does Labyrinth to Say Goodbye to David Bowie

by on 19/01/2016

When this popped up on my news feed I was a little more hesitant to watch it than I would normally be, Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite films simply because it is a cherished childhood memory. I didn’t like the idea of Screen Junkies tearing it apart especially whilst I’m still feeling the loss of Bowie. But then I thought c’mon these guys are pros.

I had nothing to fear, they have honoured the Goblin King whilst being funny and appropriately accurate – I mean yes Sarah is only 16, it’s all a little creepy but for some reason this has never really occurred to me before. Here it is for your enjoyment, Honest Trailers tribute to the British icon and his Major Tom.

Oh and if you keep scrolling you’ll find the Magic Dance video because it’s awesome.