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Infographic: Visual Guide to all the Superhero Movies up Until 2020

by on 18/10/2014

With a smorgasbord of superhero movies being announced in the last couple of weeks it’s all getting a little dizzying, so many titles coming in the short space of just 5 years, it’s easy to lose track. Handily for us geeks, the folks over at Comics Alliance have put all this information in the form of a handy infographic. It includes all the known films coming from all the studios placed on a timeline plus those that don’t have a date as yet. It is a whooping 40 films.

It is safe to say now is the time of the superhero movie, but start saving folks. Taking the average cinema UK & US ticket prices, to see all these films as the should be view, in glorious big screen, it’s going to cost you about £270/ $320