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It’s Official! Follow up to The Incredibles is a go!

by on 19/03/2014


Fans of The Incredibles rejoice, as the sequel that everyone has been waiting for is officially in the works.

Following the middling reviews and performance of sequels Cars 2 and Monsters University, Pixar President, Ed Catmul, stated earlier this year that the iconic and critically acclaimed animation studio would be scaling back on sequels and focusing on more original films, they will however be producing a long awaited sequel to the 2004 hit film about the superhero family.

A follow up to the critical and financial hit has long been the subject of fan speculation with director and writer Brad Bird speaking about it back in 2007 stating,

“Pixar does not look at sequels as a financial plan. We feel we have a relationship with the audience and that they believe in each movie we put out. We believe completely in every movie we put out. If I can come up with a story that is as good or better than that first film, then I’d love to return to that world, but it would have to be story first.”


Now Bird is writing the follow up.

The news hit the Twittersphere when Disney Pixar posted this image


Oh yeah, there’ll be another Cars film too. Really.