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Stop motion Transformers short shows Michael Bay up in style

by on 03/07/2014


So Michael Bay’s latest slice of braindead cg infused explosions with something vaguely resembling a plot and characters maybe might be here, it might have also defied the rules of nature and the universe and made a ridiculous amount of money too (ensuring Bay never changes his approach to film ever, you did this to yourselves people) but Harris Loureiro has created something far better than Bay has achieved with his twelvety billion dollar budget, okay it’s not much but you get my point.

The Malaysian animator has created a distinctly old school gem using stop motion and a set of Make Toys Giant Transformers. The short, which would’ve been longer if not for a hard drive crash which corrupted some of the data, features Optimus Prime fighting the Constructicons and not only features visual and sound FX but is also soundtracked with Touch by Stan Bush, as heard in the animated Transformers Movie.

Am I the only one thinking someone needs to give this guy a budget?

The internet salutes you.