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The Chase Scene from ‘The Walking Dead’ set to the Benny Hill Theme Tune

by on 23/02/2016

SPOILERS for The Walking Dead, consider yourself warned.

I am happy to admit I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean I won’t comment when things are stupid or poorly done. Most weeks I take to Facebook and leave a couple of sentences to convey my thoughts, nothing in depth, just a passing comment. Well after the chase scene antics on the latest episode I immediately felt the need to comment this.


Well it seems I have the power to control the world…or, more likely,  someone else had the same thought, because lo and behold youtuber 43eyes has done just that. The Benny Hill theme tune works perfectly with the farcical antics undertaken by characters who are supposed very experienced survivalists. It is beautiful and hilarious, bravo 43eyes, bravo.