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The Walking Dead’s season 5 trailer is out!

by on 25/07/2014

We’ve all been waiting for it, practically since the end of the fourth season, which left us with more questions than answers, as damn well it should have! We all know we complain a lot, but we crave the adrenaline rush brought on by months of anticipation that culminate with the premier episode.

The newly released trailer, fresh from Comic Con, gives us a clear picture as to who the survivors of last season are (phew, Daryl is still there), but we all know that, in the world of The Walking Dead, their presence in the trailer isn’t a guarantee that they’ll make it as far as the second episode.

Feast your eyes, my friends and (don’t) hold your breath until October 12th, when the fifth season of the show will come to our screens. It definitely looks like the wait will be worth it.