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The World of Connectivity and Gaming: How will Chromecast Alter and Already Evolving Market

by on 28/11/2014


In the world of gaming, players are often faced with a fast-paced and evolutionary environment that delivers a constantly changing experience. While this is predominantly good news for gaming enthusiasts, however, it also provides significant challenges if they are to keep pace with the changes and optimise their experience.

Take the continually shifting boundaries between gaming genres, however, as the lines between online, mobile and console gaming continue to merge. The result of this is that console and PC-based games can easily be shared with your television, while online roulette can also be enjoyed through a multitude of devices.

The development and emergence of Google Chromecast has also created a new dimension in game sharing, as it can mirror any browser tab and desktop from any remote location. This is a seminal breakthrough for multi-platform gamers, as the process of sharing content between devices was once relatively complex and convoluted. There has been a gradual evolution in terms of how gaming content is streamed across multimedia devices, however, which began when video and PC manufacturers began to incorporate HDMI ports into their designs.

After this, television manufacturers began to add VGA inputs to their products, which offered users even more flexibility when it came to connecting two or eve three displays to the existing set-up. While these developments were all gratefully received by gamers, however, many still criticised the restrictions created by short cables and limited ports, which could make the logistical process of connecting devices decidedly challenging. The emergence of Google Chromecast has changed this considerably, however, and made connected gaming a wireless and ultimately seamless experience.

While Google Chromecast is a relatively simple product, its impact in the world of gaming will be far-reaching over time. It therefore offers exceptional value for money to gamers, especially when you consider that it is priced at an extremely competitive £30 in the UK marketplace. Although its use and breadth of applications may be minimal at present, this will change in 2015 as users will be able to share titles while also enjoying immersive console and online games across an array of devices.

To optimise the experience, all you will require is the Google Chrome browser, the Google Cast extension and of course the Chromecast itself. With these technological applications in place, you can begin to stream various gaming experiences wirelessly and in a way that does not compromise either your time or level of enjoyment. This represents the Holy Grail for some gamers, especially those who enjoy operating across multiple platforms.

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