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X-Men Danger Room Protocols is a Slick Retro Delight

by on 08/01/2016


If you’re a fan of the 90’s X-Men cartoon, which means pretty much everybody who could be reading this article at a guess, then animator and X-Men fan Joel Furtado has a treat for you – X-Men Danger Room Protocols.

X-Men Danger Room Protocols is a new fan made animated web series. Animated in a surprisingly slick but retro 16 bit style the series is set to feature 18 episodes and centres around Professor X putting pairs of X-Men through various training exercises in the Danger Room. This will include fighting with a variety of well known villains fans will recognise from the X-Men comics.

X-Men Danger Room Protocols will be premièring January 19 via Furtado’s Youtube channel that’s if The Mouse and Fox don’t stamp on it mind. Check out the intro video and for anyone wandering Furtado says “there’s been so much Beast love from the fans I’m obligated to do something now…just have to figure out what…”

Am I the only one who likes this way more anything we’ve seen of X-Men Apocalypse?