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Finding the Lost Girl


During a rare visit to the UK, Lost Girl star Zoie Palmer will be attending PalmerTwolooza in Nottingham.

The TV series Lost Girl follows a private investigator called Bo as she discovers that she is one of the fae and how she learns to control her abilities, whilst helping those in need and discovering the truth about her origins as a succubus.

Zoie Palmer is most famous for playing Dr. Lauren Lewis in the show, Bo’s girlfriend and indentured human servant of the fae.  After Lost Girl, Zoie Palmer can now found as The Android in the sci-fi TV-series Dark Matter.

PalmerTwolooza will be celebrating Lost Girl through the final weekend of July, with a series of screenings, including an exclusive live-commentary of “Caged Fae”, the opening episode of Lost Girl’s third season. There will also be Q&A panels, as well as autograph sessions and photo opportunities.

PalmerTwolooza will be held on the 24th – 26th July, and tickets can only be bought in advance here (tickets will not be available on the door).


Peter Ray Allison
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