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Game of Thrones S7 Delays explained


With GoT season 6 at an end and season 7 what feels like an eternity away there have been a lot of concerns and nerd rage over the delays in filming, the length and possible delays in airing the new season.

Well one of our sources, who works on Game of Thrones ( and has done for some time),  has provided us with a bit of clarification.

“Filming hasn’t been delayed, it’s currently in pre production and due to start in August, as normal. Though we are filming till February this year instead of December. Hence the possible delaying the show broadcasting.

Why is it filming for longer this year since there’s less episodes? Well I haven’t seen the scripts, but common sense would say because of logistics. With Dany over in with the rest of them now, her stuff will likely be shot over here instead of Spain, more crews wanting to shoot in the same places slows things down.”

So filming starts when it usually starts but there will be a likely delay in its release, simply down to logistics. Which, based on who the source is what we have heard thus far, is plausible.

Moral of this story though, it will come when it comes and it will be action packed, scandal filled, covered in snow and laced with dragons, so who cares that it might come a month later?

So as they say in my home land, “Stop yer Gurning” Winter is here and we are in for a treat come 2017!

Geek Pride will be keeping you up to date with what ever news and information that rocks up on our door step and we will, of course be busily scribing away on some new theories for Season 7.

Got an opinion on this?  Got a theory? then let us know in the comments below:


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