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Game of Thrones Teases Us With New Poster

It’s November, which means it’s that time of year again, where we all look forward to gathering our friends and families together for a single purpose. No, not that present-giving thing, but Game of Thrones’ new series being released.

Already, the hype and tension is beginning to build, with HBO releasing the first poster for the sixth season. See it below (via the Guardian):


With the popular fan theory (from the damn books, thank you, where we poor readers have been wondering about this stuff for years) that Jon Snow is not dead, or at least will not remain so for long, HBO have decided to add some fuel to the fire with this first ambiguous poster of Jon Snow bleeding from a facial wound. Could this be his corpse, him having survived, or both?

HBO do have prior when it comes to using dead characters to advertise the next series, and various people close to the show have insisted that Jon Snow is actually dead, but few of us actually believe that, do we?

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