Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose – SPOILER ALERT

by on 14/04/2014

Since season four of Game of Thrones kicked off and we were welcomed back to the battle for that oh-so-comfy-looking seat, Mondays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week. So I’m back again with a recap and review of what went down in Westeros tonight, in an absolute beaut of an episode, ‘The Lion and the Rose’. You know the drill by now, if you haven’t seen it yet, turn back here.

In episode two, it’s time for another wedding as it’s time for King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell to say their vows. For viewers who hadn’t read the books, much like last season’s ‘Red Wedding’, there was quite a shock in store tonight during the ‘Purple Wedding’. The episode is mostly focused on Joffrey and Margaery’s union, particularly on the festivities after the ceremony. After a charitable act from new Queen Margaery, which is quickly stamped on by ex-Queen bitch Cersei, the festivities take a more unpleasant turn. Joffrey has organised a play, which mocks Westeros’ fallen leaders who are all played by dwarves. He then attempts to goad his Uncle Tyrion, before subjecting him to embarrassment as his cup holder for the evening. Queen Margaery’s attempts to lighten events are unsuccessful, much to Cersei’s amusement.

GAME OF THRONES - 402 -- Pictured: Jack Gleeson, Natalie Dormer
However, towards the final moments of the episode, everything we’ve been waiting for since that ‘wee prick’ first set foot on our screens is finally put into motion. Joffrey rather brutally cuts open a giant pie (not as comical as it sounds, believe me) and takes a bite, commenting that he needs something to wash it down. After drinking some wine handed to him by Tyrion, Joffrey appears to be choking, but it quickly becomes apparent that he has been poisoned. Lady Olenna Tyrell urges people to come to their King’s aid, but, unsurprisingly, people are a little slow to rise from their chair. It is Jaime and Cersei who rush to Joffrey’s side, but it is far too late. As the young King turns purple and starts leaking blood (yuck), he points one final accusatory finger at Tyrion, who is stood examining the empty cup.

Ding dong, the prick is dead. Best. Wedding. Ever.

I’m sure there will be plenty of fans rejoicing tonight at Joffrey’s demise, myself included, but I’m not sure that it should have been so early on in the series. I knew it was coming, but with little attention on the wedding in the première, I didn’t think it would come quite so quickly. After all, the main villain has been killed off and we’re only on episode two. With Joffrey dead and Tyrion arrested, what’s going to happen next? Let’s leave the books out of it now now, because a lot of fans of the series haven’t read them. Did Tyrion kill Joffrey? There’s a whole bunch of folk in Westeros that would want the young King dead and Lady Olenna is surely a key suspect. After all, she makes several remarks about having paid for the wedding feast. However, there are plenty more suspects around, but Tyrion is an obvious choice.

Whilst I’m not sure about the timing of Joffrey’s death this season, I really did enjoy the build up to it. Much of the episode is focused on showing that Joffrey has no redeeming qualities, portraying him as the horrible little brat we’ve all come to know and hate. From the very offset tonight, as he receives a gift of Valyrian Steel in the form of ‘Widow’s Wail’, we’re reminded of this. With the season only just kicking off, the King’s death is surely to be the talking point in the wide world of Westeros in the coming weeks. As there was so much attention on the ‘Purple Wedding’ tonight, we’re offered very little insight into what’s going on outside of King’s Landing. We are, however, reminded of another character that we can all focus our hate on.

game-of-thrones-ramsay-snow-featuredDespite my distaste for Theon last season, he’s become a shell of a fellow now that he’s missing his manhood and it’s difficult not to pity him. Especially since he’s been turned into the Bolton bastard’s ‘creature’. That’s quite an apt title for Ramsay Snow, super-dick. How Theon must have struggled not to slit his throat during that close shave, I do not know. 

We also saw a glimpse of where Bran and co are up to on their journey, but I constantly find myself disinterested in that bunch of characters. Apart from Hodor of course, man of many words. It’s a similar story for Stannis Baratheon and the red woman, Melisandre and their Lord of Light. We’ve also been offered another look at Prince Oberyn’s interests, as he is quickly distracted by some sort of performer spreading her legs in the wedding celebrations. Then it’s not long before he’s eyeing up Ser Loras, who seems to enjoy the attention. There’s no room for Daenerys and her dragons tonight, along with Jon Snow, the Wildings and my favourite Stark, Arya. However, I’m sure that next week we can expect lots of reactions from across Westeros, none of which I can imagine will involve mourning for the late King.

So, as always, feel free to comment on the website with your views on tonight’s episode, but please avoid posting any spoilers on our Facebook page. I’ll be back next week with another Game of Thrones update, as I will aim to provide you with a fabulous review and re-cap of episode three, ‘Breaker of Chains’. I’m going to wrap this up with one of my favourite Joffrey memes, please share yours with us on Facebook.

For now, Valar Morghulis!