Geek Poetry Corner

by on 12/05/2014
A true poet does not hide, Poseidon. Leave the sea, and face me!

A true poet does not hide, Poseidon. Leave the sea, and face me!

In an effort to inject some culture around these parts, I hereby introduce Geek Poetry Corner, where any budding poets can share their work, assuming it’s got a geeky subject. Whether you consider yourself a poet or, like me, someone with no idea whatsoever and just fancy a bit of fun, get your favourite French beret and/or rhyming dictionary and throw something together and send it in a private message to the facebook, or dropbox it to twitter.

So, awww, here it goes:


Alone and unaware, amassed in blackness,
Our descent begins, unwished and choiceless.

The void’s cold and unwelcome, we sail, twitch and shift
Our destinies call, we fail, switch and drift

Structures emerge from beyond veiled depths
Sculptures of pain, colossal and deft;
Their genesis alien, their purpose bereft,
Vile and cyclopean, damaged and cleft.

As I fall closer, my thoughts coalesce;
They’re made from my brothers, compiled in death!

Hopeless towers climb from fractures,
their corrosive roots hewn into Atlas;
Huddled derelicts connect in the cold,
The titan shivers, upholding the load.

I crash to the surface, raking the crust
I slot into place, barely disturbing the dust.

Congealed in a line, my brothers in flux
We all start to vanish, we pass panicked looks.

The line is deleted,
The world is depleted.

Forever we pass, into the abyss;
Forever forgotten, the shapes of Tetris.

If you made it this far, here’s some metal: