Geek Pride Poetry Corner – Post Con Blues

by on 27/05/2014

I have been known to dabble in poetry once in a while, when the mood takes me, and after this weekend at MCM London; the mood did take me. Met a lot of cool people, had an amazing time and now I’m back in Manchester on my own (worlds smallest violin), I got some serious Post con Blues, so wrote this.

post con blues

Eve Beauregard not looking as sad as me ;o)










The Post Con Blues

by Matt Geary

I wake the next day to silence
No talking or laughter fill the air
Just memories of a weekend past 
Just memories of friends far away.

No more meeting new people
Or talking to like minded friends
No more free hugs
Or costumed geeks.
No more random nights
Or unpredictable days
No more feeling like the ‘norm’
No more feeling like you’re home.

And as happiness has filled my heart, sadness percolates through my mind.
For this is the post con blues
BUT this is a beautiful thing….
Counting down the days when I can see you all once more.
Counting down the hours until we can do it all again.