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Hail to the Queens, Baby: 5 Classic Movies We’d Like to See With a Female Lead

In the wake of the rumours of an upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot, we here at the Geek Pride offices have been ruminating over which other classic genre films we’d like to see reimagined with female leads. And then we wrote them down in, like, a list…


sexy BTTF
art by Jeff Victor

1. Back to the Future

In which Marti McFly travels through time with the eccentric Dr. Emma “Doc” Brown in a flying DeLorian, making sure her parents (Georgina and Lawrence) get that first kiss at the Under The Sea ball, stopping the cruel bully Biff and her equally cruel relatives, and finally becoming a bona-fide cowgirl to save the Doc from an untimely death in 1885 and making sure she finds love with reserved school-headmaster Clarence Clayton.
Dream Casting: Glenn Close as Doc Brown, Ellen Page as Marti McFly.

cosplay by Sarula PeopleEater, photo by Roustan Bodypaint

2. Robocop

Killed in the line of duty, tough Detroit cop Alexandra Murphy is rebuilt by mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products into a one-woman-war on crime. A corporate weapon wielded by the powerful and corrupt, Murphy slowly regains her humanity and her family with the help of her one-time partner, Andy Lewis.

Dream Casting: Kristen Stewart as Alex Murphy.

cosplay by abbydarkstar

3. Mad Max

In a post-apocalyptic Australian outback, Max Rockatansky is the MFP’s top pursuit woman, taking down motorcycle gangs in her black supercharged Pursuit Special after the murder of her son and husband. As supplies of gasoline dwindle, Max becomes The Road Warrior, scavenging for resources with her only friends – an Australian Cattle Dog and a sawed-off shotgun.

Dream Casting: Lori Petty as Mad Max (of course!).

photo by David “DTJAAAAM” Ngo

4. Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness

Following a horrific night fighting off soul-swallowing spirits, extremely forward trees, and even her own severed hand, Ashleigh Williams is sucked into a time portal and lands in the year 1300. Pressed into service for the local royalty in their battle against the malevolent Deadites, Ash must locate the mysterious book, the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, in order to return to her own time. It’s just the entire Deadite army against her, her 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, a chainsaw hand and her boomstick. Hail to the Queen, baby.
Dream Casting: Mila Kunis as Ash.

article-2558150-1B70164500000578-909_634x548Harrison Ford d 41
5. Blade Runner

In a nightmare dystopia, Rachel Deckard is a Blade Runner tasked with hunting down and eliminating rogue replicants, synthetic humans looking to escape lives of servitude in Earth’s space colonies. In the course of her investigations into a particularly dangerous replicant, Rachel meets the handsome and enigmatic Richard, a legal replicant manufactured by the powerful Tyrell Corporation and begins to question the nature of her own humanity.
Dream Casting: Sarah Linden as Deckard. Cillian Murphy as Richard.

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Ben Fee
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