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Horror Spotlight: The Taking of Deborah Logan

Found footage is a sub-genre of horror that divides the opinions of many fans. For every Blair Witch Project, another twenty are made that produce as much enjoyment for the audience as a hot poker to the eye. Many people would like to see them retreat into the shadows, never to be heard from again. Every so often however, a shining gem emerges from said shadows, worthy to be watched and enjoyed. The Taking of Deborah Logan is one such gem.

Following a team of people creating a documentary about Deborah Logan, a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, the team stay at her house and film her throughout the following weeks aiming to raise awareness for the disease and show an audience the struggles of people who suffer with it. Everybody soon realises that everything is not as it seems as Deborah begins to act beyond the realms of her disease.


The film is haunting to watch, featuring segments that are genuinely unnerving and a treat to see. Jill Larson is fantastic as the titular Deborah Logan and her performance will stick in your mind long after the film has ended. The characters truly help to create an atmosphere in which the audience isn’t sure if this is simply a woman losing her mind in her final days or if something more sinister is afoot.

Directed by Adam Robitel and produced by Bryan Singer, this 2014 film shows the world that maybe there is some merit in found footage horror films after all. If they were all made equal to the quality of The Taking of Deborah Logan, then maybe they could shed the negative light that they are almost always cast in.


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